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Grooming and Sedation Service  


Corby Veterinary Surgery and Michelle Gray from House Pets are pleased to offer a pet grooming and sedation service.  




Would my pet benefit from sedation?  


In the majority of cases sedation is not necessary for grooming. Michelle is an experienced groomer and animal handler and would only recommend sedation for a small number of cases. It is used in the mainly to subdue adverse animal behaviours that would hamper the grooming process and cause injury or harm to the animal or groomer, eg severe anxiety or aggression.  


If you feel your pet would benefit please chat to Michelle or one of our veterinary staff.  




How do I book the sedation and groom?


It is important that you book a pre­sedate appointment with a vet before you book the actual procedure. This can be done at the main Corby Veterinary Surgery reception. Ideally this appointment should be a few days prior to the procedure date. This initial consultation is free of charge.  


The consultation will allow the vet to assess the health of your pet and therefore determine if sedation is suitable.  




What is the cost of sedation?  


This is case dependent. A non­obligatory estimate for the procedure will be given at the pre­sedate appointment and is based on your pet`s weight, the drug dosages needed and the anticipated veterinary monitoring needed. Payment will be required on the day of the groom at the main reception desk. The total fee will include Michelle`s grooming fee.  




How will the sedation work?  


The drugs used are potent sedative drugs with a pain relieving action. They will make your pet very drowsy and relaxed.

However the drugs won`t cause complete loss of consciousness as with a general anesthetic. The sedation can be reversed if needed.  





Who will give the sedation?  


The sedation will be given by a vet or veterinary nurse.  




Does sedation have any side effects?  


The drugs used are commonly administered in veterinary practice for various minor procedures. However they can lower the blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate. A vet or veterinary nurse will monitor your pet throughout the grooming process and oxygen will often be administered. The pre­sedation check aims to detect animals who we feel sedation wouldn`t be suitable for. It is common for an animal which has had sedation to be a bit drowsy for the rest of the day and occasionally feel nauseous.  




Can I feed my pet before the groom?   


Please do not feed your pet after 10pm the night before the groom. Water can be left down overnight and taken away first thing in the morning.  




Any further questions?  


Please do not hesitate to contact Michelle or the staff at Corby Veterinary Surgery if you would like to discuss grooming with sedation further. We are all very happy to help.