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Your Vet is the best place to discuss treatment and preventative treatment.


Choose your treament carefully. Once you apply a product however you cannot then opt to use a better one for 4 weeks until this has worn off. Making the choice to use good quality products the first time round more important.


Suprisingly some of the over the counter teatments are actually more expensive than the veterinary prescribed ones.  


Which ever product you choose, make sure you apply it as directed and make it a part of your monthly routine to ensure a Flea Free environment.

For the protection of all pets, their owners and our facility, House Pets has implemented the Flea Free Policy.  


Fleas are the most common external parasite and can inhabit any dog irregardless of cleanliness. Fleas don’t discriminate, they will hitch a ride anywhere with any dog they can jump on.  If left untreated, fleas can multiply quickly and turn into an infestation.  It is important to familiarise yourself with how to identify fleas and how to treat your dog and your home if you find any.  


Any dog that comes in to House Pets Grooming room with fleas is immediately bathed in an anti parasitic herbal shampoo. This is not a substitute for oral and or topical treatment. The facility will also be treated and deep cleaned after the groom.


You will be informed immediatly upon finding fleas and an additional £10 will be added to your bill to cover extra time required to clean and treat your pet and our facilities.


Sometimes it is difficult to tell if your dog has fleas when you bring them in for grooming.  If you find fleas or suspect fleas before your grooming, please let me know before your grooming session.



    Signs that your dog may have fleas are:


   *Excessive itching and scratching

   *Red bumps on your dog’s belly, under legs, base of tail  or ears

   *Flea dirt (adult flea feces that looks like small black pepper specks)

   *Visable adult fleas moving about (up to a grain of rice size)

   *Water running red/brown after bathing

   *Hairless areas

   *Pet may be restless and unsettled.



Wash your dog’s bedding in very hot water regularily and soft toys. Hoover around the pets area paying close attention to corners, dark warm areas and places of low traffic. Areas such as, your bedding, sofas and cars are also areas to consider. Use a steam cleaner and hoover, making sure to empty it right away in a bag in a outside bin.  There are some good quality Flea sprays on the market. We at House Pets use Indorex which is available in most pet stores or online.