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We are proud to offer a friendly free roaming (cage free) retreat for your pet. Designed to provide a calm, relaxing place where your dog can be groomed  in a modern clean salon based inside a Veterinary Center.


Your pet will be groomed by our experienced City & Guilds L3 diploma qualified stylist Michelle.

House Pets offers a comprehensive range of grooming services as standard.  Individually tailored to you and your pets requirements. All grooms have hygiene, deshedding and nails done as standard (no add ons or up sells). We offer one additional option which is Ultra sonic teeth cleaning which can be done as an when you  wish to fit your dogs needs and your budget.  


Regular grooming will provide your pet with many benefits to its health and ensure your pets general health is regularly and thoroughly checked alongside it looking great. We look forward to meeting you and your pets.

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"Michelle has looked after and groomed our four dogs for the last three years we would not have anyone else neither would the dogs. Michelle does an amazing job she loves and cares for all the dogs in her care"   *****

"Maxy smells & looks beautiful, very professional service and Max came back very happy which has never happened before when we have taken him to be groomed. The best cut he's had yet! Thankyou Michelle, Max will definitely be a new regular"  *****

"Was my boy's first visit to house pets today and he has come back looking and smelling fantastic. Thank you so much, excellent service. One very happy dog and very happy owners" *****

"Fantastic! So pleased with the service and care for Charlie. He looks, feels & smells gorgeous. So nice to meet someone so enthusiastic about their job. Happy customers"*****

Our dog grooming services are suitable for small to x-Large sizes, all breeds are welcome.

We happily trim to breed standards or owners request. We are happy to work with elderly, nervous and aggressive dogs or rescue animals and offer reconditioning to except grooming.

Welcome to House Pets Dog & Cat Grooming

  • Bathing

  • Jacuzzi Spa

  • Puppy Introductions

  • Hand stripping

  • Clipping

  • Breed Standard  

  • Scissoring

  • Ear Plucking

  • Bathing & Drying

  • Nail Clipping & grinding

  • Ultrasonic Teeth cleaning


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Cat Grooming

We  provide full grooming, bathing, dead hair & mat removal & claw cutting.


£45 (normal size & condition) severely matted cats

may be more & take 2 visits.


£25 ( monthly maintenance grooming)


Grooming is carried out with confidence, kindness and at the cat's own pace in a modern, sercure grooming room where your cat will have exclusive use. We are based inside Corby Veterinary Surgery & work closely with them to provide a grooming sedation service should we feel this is the kinder or safer option. our grooming time is limited to 45 mins to limit stress on your cat.

Sedation Information