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House Pets de-matting policy.....


Matts start out as small tangles often caused by dead hair left in the coat, when left they grow bigger,  constantly becoming tighter and closer to the skin. This leaves the skin vulnerable to sorness and possible infection. Skin can become itchy and sensitive, irratated by the abrasion of the knots rubbing or pulling. Skin can become strangulated by knotting especially the ears and tail. This  can cause issues with blood flow as the hair has restricted it, we will need to take longer to remove the hair in small stages allowing the blood flow to return to that area without issue. Knotting may trigger your dog to chew or scratch itself causing injury which may not be visable to treat until the hair is removed or could be harbouring bacteria and ectoparasites such as fleas and mites.


As the skin is unable to breath naturally will a build up of dead hair and this can lead to the dog not being able to regulate their temperature and possibly overheating. Without the air flow through the coat the coat does not dry quickly and can lead to the opposite effect cooling the dog. Dogs that enjoy swimming are at a greater risk of drowning as the coat will become heavier and cool them more rapidly.


The use of scissors to remove matts can be dangerous. Uncomfortable dogs tend to move around more. If Matts develop close to the skin it is difficult to differentiate between skin and matt, therefore it is so easy to cut the dog! Contact us and we can remove the knot quickly and simply for you. Never feel bad in bringing your pet to us and asking for help, you will not be 'judged' or 'told off', we are here to help.


On arrival at House Pets Grooming Spa there will be a short consultation on the general condition of your dog's coat. If matts are found we will then advise you of the best course of action. Please be aware the priority will always be for the well being of the dog over and above aesthetics. A beautiful dog is a healthy one.


If your dog has only minor knots we are happy to remove these carefully for you but de-matting of younger dogs tends to make them dislike grooming to the point that they become very difficult and may even become biters. Likewise de-matting older dogs can be so mentally and physically stressful for them, that it places their health in jeopardy. Since your dog has limited ways to tell us that we are hurting them, their only alternative is to bite, leaving ourselves open to injury.


House Pets de-matting policy is to ensure compliance with The Animal Wefare Act 2006 - sub section 4 'unnecessary suffering'.


The skin underneath the matt may already be raw and inflamed. House Pets Grooming Spa, will not be held responsible for anything uncovered when removing matted coats. This also includes any after-grooming effects of the matt clipping procedures, which could include, but are not limited to the following: itchiness, skin redness or self-inflicted irritations/abrasions from excessive external rubbing.


Naturally all precautions will be taken to ensure your dog does not suffer any discomfort. Also, please keep in mind that when a short clip is recommended it is for the health and safety of your dog and the fur does grow back, usually in better condition. Brushing matted hair can damage the hair shaft causing it to be rough and prone to further matting. the better option is to start again and keep on top of the hair as it grows.


If you wish to maintain length, your dog must be brushed and combed thoroughly on a regular basis, either by your groomer which we are more than happy to do for you on a regular schedule or by doing this yourself at home. If you require assistance in the proper tools or proper use of the tools to accomplish this, we will be happy to assist you.



I (the owner/career) understand that by bringing your pet to be groomed at House Pets, you are agreeing to House Pets Policy on Matting and removal.





However well you groom your dog, on occasion they may still become matted. With care it may be possible to remove small knotted areas with minimal discomfort to your dog. However, many breeds are more prone to matting, where the coat texture knots very easily.  Regular brushing is always recommended, we advise using a comb to thoroughly check through the coat at regular intervals, over the whole dog to pick out any little knots forming.