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Our contact details are: Michelle Gray & Ron Gray of 2a Harrogate Court, Greenhill Rise, Corby, NN180PD

The following terms & conditions apply to all transactions with House Pets. By placing of an order with us you indicate your acceptance and understanding of these terms and conditions. Please read them carefully & print or ask for a copy for future reference.


Our GDPR policy (General Data Protection Regulation):

•This privacy policy is for House Pets, it encompasses our website, social media, booking and accounting software and any dealings you have with us where we deal with your personal data.

•This document will explain how we use your personal details, how we process, collect, manage and store those details. Further explanations will be provided if you need help understanding why or how we use, collect and store your data including how we interact with you.

•The new GDPR regulations come into force on May 25th 2018. We have updated our terms and conditions accordingly to make it clear how we handle and store your data and will require you to read, understand and agree them before we can continue to offer services.


Contact & Communication With us:

If contacting us through electronic means via Email, our website or social media, please do so with discretion each system will have its own safety features but please do not share any sensitive information online.


We need to keep personal information to maintain our records and to offer you services. Once receive your information, we keep it private in our secure, password protected booking software https://www.petsitter-plus.com until a time it is no longer required or of no further use or reference. You can request we remove your personal information from our system should you wish.


We need to hold your full name, contact details, including address, email and telephone numbers and pet details. We keep financial information in the form of an accounting record of your bookings. We do not hold card or bank details. We ask that you review all personal details which we hold for you via your online account which you have access to.


We wish to use your details to send you information about the services you have requested/booked and your receipts. We do not sell or share your information. We will not use your details to send unsolicited mailings.


Photos - We ask permission to photograph your pet. This is done for a variety of reasons, to document, record styling, education purposes and advertising. Any image taken is available to you. If you wish to remove permission for us to photograph your pet this can be done at any time simply by informing a member of staff who will update your preferences. Copyrights - All photos, taken or used by us, are the copyright of House Pets. We reserve the right to use these images for advertising purposes via our website, social media and marketing. You are more than welcome to save a copy or share this but negative advertising or amending the image in any way is prohibited.



Information held: You agree to provide true, accurate & complete information about yourself & pets at all times. Failure to do this may result in your pet being turned away on the day. All pets must be fit and healthy on the day of grooming or care. Any known pre existing conditions or medications must be discussed with a member of staff before your pet is admitted into our care. We reserve the right to refuse a booking at any stage.


Puppy introduction, House Pets requires all dogs under a year to be fully vaccinated prior to their first groom with us. An unvaccinated dog puts themselves and others at risk.


Payments, House Pets accept cash and cards. Bank transfers must be done prior to the collection of your pet. Payment for grooming is required on or before your appointment. Pet care payments are required before the 1st day of your booking.


We consider the contract of sale to be formed at the point of booking. You have the right to cancel a booked service with 24 hours notice without penalty. Cancellation fees of 50% of your booking will be due if this is not adhered to. After 2 missed appointments we will require full payment upfront at the time of booking. This is non refundable also bookings for peak times may be restricted. All cancellations must be made via telephone on 07426 111187 or in person. A reply will be given by House Pets to confirm your cancellation. We take no responsibility for missing communications.

*If we need to cancel or reschedule an appointment we will contact you as soon as possible on the numbers you provide to do this and a suitable alternative time or date will be offered.


Services supplied House Pets will always aspire to uphold the highest standard of service. In the unlikely event of an issue it is requested you contact us immediately (within 24 hours) to discuss any issues.


House Pets work by appointment prompt collection & delivery for grooming appointments, unless agreed in advance is required. We do not have facilities to board or hold animals and further additional fees will be incurred and temporary accommodation will be sought.

By placing an order you will automatically be added to our secure online customer account system & given your log in details. We will only email with important information regarding bookings, payments or things we feel may be of interest to you. We will not share your email or any personal details with any other third party.



Matters beyond our reasonable control – House Pets shall not be held liable for any illness, injury or underlying health condition which becomes visible or agitated by the grooming process. Although extremely rare some pets may suffer a reaction to clippers, pet safe commercial shampoo or products.


MATTED COAT if may be necessary to close clip a pet to minimise pain and distress. Close clipping of pet will dramatically change their appearance and the hair will be very short and close to the skin. De-matting during a routine groom is limited to a minimal amount. For severely matted or felted coats where de-matting isn't possible the coat will be shaved off. If it is decided a complete clip is required you will be informed. DEMATTING OR DEPELTING A COAT. The Animal Welfare Act 2006 decrees that no animal should be exposed to pain or discomfort and grooming will be undertaken solely at our discretion, in compliance with (clause 5 - Animals are to be protected from pain, injury and suffering). House Pets promotes ‘Humanity over Vanity’ meaning that the safety and comfort of the dog is our priority.

Owners are required to uphold a grooming schedule at home or seek our professional help if this is unpractical. A grooming schedule will be discussed to maintain the trim and condition of the coat in between professional grooming sessions.


Veterinary advice may need to be sought before, during or after the groom. We will endeavour to call you at the 1st possible opportunity to inform you of any situation. We are based within Corby Veterinary Surgery & permission is assumed in critical circumstance to seek their help. All costs attached will be payable by the owner directly to the vet. Your pet will be handled in a safe and secure manner. In an event of an emergency, House Pets reserve the right to have your dog seen by a veterinarian for treatment and/or advice. The owner will pay for any treatment necessitated by the actions of the dog or existing conditions.


Salon Exclusivity or 2nd person required if your pet needs exclusive use of the salon or for a second person to hold or lift an additional premium may be added but will be explained beforehand.


Refusal of Service You must inform us prior to grooming if your dog has ever bitten or displayed aggressive tendencies to people or other dogs. Failure to disclose this information may result in refusal of further services. Your attention is drawn to the Dangerous Dogs Act, which holds owners liable for bites & injuries caused by their pets. The owner is liable for the cost of any treatment and legal action resulting from bites or other injuries caused by your dog. House Pets reserves the right to refuse any animal we feel is unfit for grooming either physically or mentally or if it presents a risk of injury to itself, other animals or the groomer.


Fleas and Parasites We operate a flea free policy in our salon & cannot knowingly book a pet in until correct treatment has been administered & proven affective. It is your responsibility to ensure your pet is presented to to us free of fleas. If during the grooming process we find fleas or flea dirt on your pet we will contact you & a additional £15 charge is payable to cover insecticidal treatment & deep cleaning of the salon after your dog leaves. Flea treatments (spot on) is best applied 4 hours after grooming or at least 48 hours before being groomed. This will reduce the toxicity to the groomer and ensure the affective dosage for your pet.


Pregnant pets House Pets policy is not to groom any pregnant animal unless it is advised by a veterinarian. The risk of termination from stress, lifting or the grooming process is deemed by us as not in the animals best interests.  


Cat Grooming, Elderly pet & Sedation grooms our aim is to make the animal comfortable and a style cannot be requested. We will assess the animals coat and owners needs beforehand and do what is needed to make them comfortable. The risks attached to grooming under these circumstances are placed entirely on the owner and full consultation about them will be given prior to the groom commencing.